Spiritual walks in art: the disciples of Emmaus

“Artistic work completes, in a sense, the beauty of creation and, when it is inspired by faith, reveals more clearly to people the divine love that is at its origin…I thank you for the work you do, for the joy you give to the world with your works, and I encourage you, once again, to continue your service with love and competence, because the world needs beauty, more than ever”.

This is Pope Francis’ greeting to the members of the Association “Diaconie de la beauté,” on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its foundation (February 2022)

To prepare for the meeting in Turin, we asked some friends, teachers, priests, theologians, Team members, to comment for us on artworks that recounted the encounter of the two disciples of Emmaus with Jesus.

One of the potentialities of artwork is to “represent the invisible that is in the visible” (Miró): the profound meaning of life told through forms, colors, signs, overcoming the barriers of language, space and time. The Church needs beauty and art to keep telling and seeing God in everything.

And so we thank those who will help us in this meditation, and we wish that the different eyes that have looked for us at the beauty of art will find hearts ready for listening. Have a good journey