Meals will be organized in two ways: ‘Breakfast and Dinner‘ and ‘Daily Lunches‘.

Breakfast and dinner will be served at your hotel or nearby restaurants, according to the schedule and arrangements provided by the CRH.

All lunches and dinners on Friday, July, 19 will be available inside the Inalpi Arena.

The box lunch distribution areas will be set up on the ground floor of the Inalpi Arena.

Each participant will receive a booklet in the ‘Participant’s Kitcontaining vouchers for meals to be consumed at the Inalpi Arena.

Meals can be consumed inside the Inalpi Arena, in areas prepared with tables and chairs (specifically intended for the elderly), at the covered facilities within the perimeter of the Inalpi Arena, or in the park in front of the Inalpi Arena (Piazza d’Armi). We are fortunate to have a large city park right in front of the Inalpi Arena; we recommend using it for meals to enjoy the fresh air and greenery.

Lunch on July, 20 is included and can be taken at the venue, as can all other meals.

IMPORTANT: Any drinks or food consumed during dinner or lunch, other than those provided, must be paid for directly by the participants at the restaurant, hotel, or bar. The organization will not cover any extra expenses.